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7 Reasons to Invest in Safety Switches – AGM Electrical Supplies

When it comes to construction work and remodeling projects, electricity is an unneglectable part of the whole gig. Sure, you used the premium quality stone, installed elite class tiles on the flooring but how will you make them all prominent without effective measurements of light? This is where electrical products step in and safety switches are an essential one in the list. We, at AGM Electrical Supplies, believe in sharing key information about each product that we offer, including safety switches. So, you know what exactly you’re buying when seeking he best electrical wholesaler SA. Come, let’s discuss why you must seek the below-mentioned qualities in safety switches.


It is pertinent that we discuss about safety switches in detail (though short) before moving to the key reasons for investing in them. Safety switches, basically, are a devise for disrupting the overflow of current within a facility and prevent unpleasant incidents. It is basically a cascade holding few switches, that is connected with wires, and linked to the main circuit. These switches automatically turn off when there’s an excessive incoming of current from the main source that can lead to explosion or spark.


Now comes the part where you must know about different types of safety switches. This is because when you seek the best electrical wholesaler SA, you know what to ask for while purchasing the safety switches.

  • Switchboard Units – This type is ideal for installing on the main switchboard and offers protection to circuits. Plus, you can expect complete installation protection due to its strategic design.
  • Power Point Units – This type, of safety switches, offer a stable option for securing a single power point and prevent short circuit between two current points.
  • Portable Units – In case you require the electricity on temporary basis, you opt for portable units for adding the element of security and protection.

Now, when you discuss products with an electrical wholesaler SA, you know what specific type to ask.


Now, that you know about safety switches and what type are there to make purchases, let’s dive deep into the reasons to buy them. Here are some of the key reasons to invest in safety switches:

  • Since, their application is wide and they’re used in multiple premises each having a complex wiring system, designers keep their structure extremely simple and adjustable.
  • Safety switches have different types created to serve a specific purpose according to the situation or need to install them.
  • You can expect best material, from a renowned electrical wholesaler SA, when seeking an ideal source for safety switches.
  • The auto-switch off feature is what makes safety switches an essential invention in the world of electrical supplies that prevents big, unpleasant, incidents within a premise.
  • You can purchase safety switches from a wide range based on the current surpass capacity or pole numbers for picking the best ones according to your electricity needs.
  • The new safety switches are extremely user-friendly when we talk about the maintenance or replacement of this essential, lifesaving, invention.
  • You can get to choose between fusible or non-fusible safety switches to add customization in your electrical installation part of the construction.


AGM Electrical Supplies is a trusted electrical wholesaler SA that offers quality products on ideal pricing. We’ve curated our safety switches section to make the selection process extremely easy and timesaving for you with our online portal. Plus, you’ll find other electrical products on our portal at feasible pricing. And the delivery time is another remarkable quality that we’ve cultivated in our offering when you visit Australia’s top electrical wholesaler SA.

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